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Lemon Boards $13

Small cutting boards made of various wood types. Each is approximately 7/16 " thick.  These are in an easy to handle size, just right for quickly cutting a lemon and saving your counter top from knife scarring.   Finished in Howard's Butcher block beeswax and mineral oil, and come with a leather strap for hanging on a hook.  Our H&HFCo label is wood burned one side.  
Various sizes about 6" Wide x  7" Long

 Thin Cutting Boards  $23 - $28

Small cutting and cheese boards made of various wood such as cherry, walnut, oak, poplar 
and maple.   Thin style approximately 7/16 " thick.   Finished in Howard's Butcher block beeswax and mineral oil, and come with a leather strap for hanging on a hook.  
(Also available without the hole and leather strap.)   Our H&HFCo label is wood burned on one side.     Various sizes approximately 6" to 7" Wide   x  11 to 12" Long    

 Maple Cutting Blocks   $39

Thick style cutting board blocks are made from locally sourced chunks of maple and come with a metal handle for grabbing for a quick cut while preparing a meal.  The thickness of the wood lends a sturdiness to an everyday cooking tool that will wear over time and use, as a natural element in your kitchen.  Our H&HFCo  label is wood burned on the end.   
Various sizes measure approximately  8"  Wide x 12" Long  and some square style  at 12" x 12"

Small Live Edge Dining Table  $495

Dining table of ambrosia maple with hairpin legs.  The width is irregular, and the length is just over 5 feet long.  The live edge top of thick maple, lends warmth to the modern style metal legs.  The hairpin legs are made by a Virginia metalsmith.  
Measures  "62 Long x  22 - 26" Wide  x  30.5" Height

Ambrosia Maple Coffee Table  $319

Coffee table of ambrosia maple with hairpin legs. Cut from a maple slab sourced in Maryland, that was cut over ten years ago. It has variegated figuring from the aging. One of a kind made from two slices about 1.25 " thick. The hairpin legs are made by a Virginia metalsmith.  Measures 38" Long x 20.5" Wide  x 17.5" Height    

Dining Table & Bench Set  $1595

The Tree Table - A one of a kind dining table made of some 100 year old Poplar from Georgia and some newer locally sourced Poplar from  Poolesville, Maryland. The legs are made from Heartpine that was reclaimed from an 1890's house that was razed. 
There is a matching bench that goes with this table.   Top is 1.5" thick.
Hefty, solid wood, with some straight and organic lines combined for a unique design. 
Includes both pieces -  bench and table.      Measures:   32.50" Wide x 76.5" Long x 31.5" Height 

Live Edge Maple Dining Table $1195

Maple Trestle table with a live edge and industrial pipe foot bar - Designed with a 2" metal crossbar pipe with hefty flanges, along with a top that is 1.75" thick, made of solid maple with live edges on the two long sides. The wood is sourced locally in Virginia.  Unfinished ambrosia maple.       Measures   78" Long x 31" Wide x 30" Height   

Live Edge End Table in Walnut  $319

End table with a live edge made in walnut wood with hairpin style legs.  One of a kind.
The wood was sourced in Mclean, VA.   Natural shape of a live edge combined with mod Eames' style hairpin legs, which are made by a Virginia artisan.  
Table crafted in Alexandria, VA.     Measures ~ 23" Wide x 28" Long x 16.5" Height  

The Radius Table  $490  and  $440

The Radius Table is a circular coffee table, designed to flatpack which makes it easier to handle when moving or shipping. The top is tempered glass 3/8" thick.  It is made of either walnut with a heartpine accent stripe in the legs (shown), or in poplar with a walnut stripe in the legs.   Measures 17.5" Height  x 36" Diameter  $490    OR     in a smaller 30" Diameter  $440
One 36" diameter and one 30" diameter  made of walnut in process of construction. (10-23-17)

Natural Tree Leg Table  $349

Natural legs made of tree branches, with a small table top and drawer make for an interesting occasional table.  Great for holding car keys, the mail or items handy to the front door.  A glass knob accents the drawer, and lower shelf for holding other necessities.  These tables are Made To Order of various woods like cherry, heartpine, poplar and walnut.     
Measures about 20" Long x 16" Wide x  29" Height    Each one is unique.

Hold the Coasters  set of 4  $24

Coasters made from offcuts of various different wood types. A hole is drilled in each one to prevent the effects of adhesion of the coaster to the bottom of a glass.  Each set has four different coasters, with a beeswax and orange oil finish.   Felt feet on the bottom help protect furniture.  Made in the USA, in Alexandria, Virginia.     H&HFCo logo is on each one.
Packed in a craft paper box, with our Hold the Coaster label.       Measure 3.5" x 3.5"
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